The Difference Between The Car Starting The Battery And The Power Battery

- 2017-09-07-

Car battery is starting type, suitable for short time high current discharge, the battery requirements are instantaneous high current power supply capacity and low temperature start performance, mainly to meet the requirements of car start. This type of battery plate is thinner, not suitable for continuous discharge, continuous discharge soon to waste !!! Therefore, can not be used for deep charge and discharge and continuous discharge of the occasion, such as live stove, with home air conditioning and other high power Electrical appliances.

Power battery on the contrary, the power battery is a valve-type for small and medium current continuous discharge. Long-term in the state of deep charge and discharge. Therefore, the battery is not instantaneous power supply capacity and low temperature start requirements, so the battery plate is generally thick and less. Not suitable for starting the car. Power battery put fire on the car hard to kill. However, the power battery is suitable for high-power appliances.

The most common electric bicycle battery is the power battery, if you put the car battery loaded electric bike, not only did not effort, the battery loss quickly. Then there is the foreign truck on the pure electric air conditioning, the basic is a separate power battery. Two batteries in the process, recipe and other aspects are not the same

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