Into The Autumn Car Battery How To Maintain? Note The Following Points

- 2017-09-08-

Into the fall, due to large temperature difference between day and night, people are cold, the car is also, small tape with you to understand how to properly maintain the car battery.
First of all, if there is no battery or battery loss, we can not start the normal ignition of the car, let alone any of the car's normal use of electrical equipment. No battery, the car just like a furnishings, could not move.
And autumn is the battery problem of high incidence, which is not a few days ago Xiaobian colleagues travel a week, until the back came to find the car has not started, to reverse the ignition switch time out of the car. Summer, Xiao Bian of the colleagues often travel, never found the situation can not hit the fire, which is due to the lack of maintenance before the fall of the battery, the normal discharge and lower temperatures lead to reduced performance of the battery.

The battery as a DC power supply, not only for the vehicle to provide electricity, but also to the generator power supply stored in order to facilitate the generator does not work or exceed the power supply capacity of the generator, as an auxiliary role to ensure that the normal work of automotive equipment The In addition, the battery can also absorb the circuit in the moment of high pressure, play a role in the protection of equipment within the car.
We all know how much temperature for the battery, such as an ordinary electric car, the summer is full of electricity to run 40 km, but in the winter may only run a 30 km less than lying on the nest. Careful friends will also find that the winter mobile phone battery life will be significantly reduced. The same is true for car batteries, low-temperature storage capacity of the battery will be some impact, the lower the temperature storage capacity worse, naturally not as durable as the summer.

So how do we keep the battery in the autumn?
At present, most models are used maintenance-free batteries, for the normal use of vehicles, the battery power storage, the general will not be any problems. What really need extra maintenance is those who stop a week or even a month of the car.
In the fall, the negative electrode wiring of the battery may be green and similar to the crystalline oxide, according to the 4S shop is the battery overuse or battery fluid exposed to oxidation, some people even said it was normal. If you do not find the normal use of the battery have an impact, found that these oxides can be washed with boiling water can be removed, can not afford to scrap it, while wiping a little Indian oil to ensure that the battery strong use. As for the Indian god oil, it can be butter or oil, cast a little to prevent oxidation.
In a long time after the parking, start the car again, if found a no car, must not continue to force the ignition. When starting the engine, the battery will discharge a large current, continuous ignition will quickly put the remaining battery power, so that the car did not react. The correct approach should be at least 10 seconds or more re-ignition, each time to keep the ignition time can not be more than 3 seconds. To really do not point, do not infinite (participating, pictures, inquiry) cycle ignition action, decisive take the electricity or use the charging device to charge the battery.
After the usual parking to develop the habit of closing the car electrical equipment, such as closing the headlamp switch, air conditioning and radio, DVD player. Because the temperature is low when the storage capacity is poor, a little careless will lead to excessive battery discharge.
In addition, in order to avoid automatic discharge of the battery, for a long time parked vehicles, it is best to remove the battery negative connector to protect the battery can also completely prevent the various causes of automatic discharge. In addition, the engine does not start, the generator is not working when you do not use the car's high-power electrical equipment

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