About Us

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“Money is a resource. The purpose of making money is not to make a better life for oneself. It is to help more customers, serve others and help others.”

DINENG BATTERY  is a research, development, design, production, sale, and trade in one large multi-functional integrated enterprise. It’s an investment holding owned by several famous battery manufacturers.

DINENG BATTERY specialize in customized solutions for our global customers. We are now the leading supplier of high-power energy solutions based on lithium iron technology.

We have focused on solutions for energy solutions as:

² Start battery for Gasoline & diesel Cars, Trucks, Marine, oil pumps, water pumps, engines etc.

² Electric vehicles, EV cars, hybrid buses, e-bikes, electric scooters etc.

² Electric AGV, forklift, robots, power tools etc.

² Electric boats, marines, ships, catamarans, submarines

² Storage battery system for RV, Mobile homes, campers and trailers

² Small solar applications, Solar/Storage Home System, Solar Street Light, LED lights system

² Large PV installations - off grid power supplies

² Smart-grid solutions- Off-grid system- energy storage

² Backup systems, UPS, generators

² High power chargers

² Telecommunication equipments, mobile phone operator base stations, networking power supplies, Uninterrupted Power Supply etc.

² Civil, public and military emergency energy supplies

Our invitation

We invite you to cooperate with us. We fully trust in our capability to bring effective and quality solutions to all of our customers, including you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.